A Little Extra!

It’s all about that little extra.

Henna has all that she needs. She has a great job, a wonderful husband, two beautiful kids and what not. Is she happy? Oh yes! During her long working days she feels contented with her job. A satisfaction creeps into her being at the end of each day because of what she produced at work. And she feels amazing when she bakes brownie in the morning and packs it up for her little angel and naughty champ. She feels wonderful when her loving husband gives her a peck after cuddling and reading together and calls it a night. Uh uh! Then what’s missing? If only she had the answer to it.

George always wanted to be an architect and today he got his degree. It’s a day he looked forward to for the last four years. He looked spectacular in his black graduation gown and cap. His old man felt so proud of him. What is better than getting to see tears of happiness in your parents’ eyes because of you. He spent the entire day partying in the beach house with his friends. What a tremendous day it was! But, here he lies in his bed at 2:00 am in the morning pondering over the reason of this unknown desire. If everything’s there then what’s missing? If only he had the answer to it.

And here I am! Studying exactly what I wanted to study, working at a pretty reputed company, teaching at a very famous institute, earning enough to keep my tummy happy or you can say.. very happy, surrounded with friends all around me and still, awake at 12:00 midnight wondering if everything’s alright then what’s missing? If only I had the answer to it.

We are all always seeking for a little extra. What is it? Where is it? Is it definite? Or it keeps changing? Sometimes I wonder its a force; a force that keeps us moving. How stationary life would be if we stop seeking that little extra..

Each day comes with an anticipation bubbling within us. If not for very long, just for a few hours, this anticipation leaves us, what would we be left with? I feel like my life, your life, everybody’s life is like a car and that little extra is the fuel that keeps the car going.. We wouldn’t want the car to stop amid the journey. Would we?

So all my beautiful peeps, keep seeking the little extra in you and around you! And I’m off to bed now. I’ll seek my little extra in my dreams. Cheers šŸ™‚



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