Celebrating the Nothingness

So, the entire idea of this blog initiated somewhat dramatically. A damsel in distress or rather a distress, who makes everybody feel like a damsel, felt like writing her heart off one stormy night. She wrote this in the spur of a moment to one of her best friends. Here have a look:

Has it ever struck you, how important it is to write? To take out your pen or may be your type writer and just write your heart off. You know that feeling? The feeling you get at 2:00 am in the morning while working on something. You just feel like dropping everything aside and having some moments with yourself. How poetry sounds even more rhythmic during those hours, how music touches you somewhere deep inside, a depth you never knew existed. Whatever it is, that little feeling, those few minutes or a couple of hours may be, they make you forget all your worries. All you feel is bliss; sheer bliss.
Those few hours with yourself are never about words or actions; they are all about feelings. You feel like opening all the windows, even the ones in the attic, the ones you never opened before and letting the cool breeze in. The music of the breeze just sweeps you off your feet. You feel like dancing, dancing for yourself. You know the dance of celebration? Celebrating what? Celebrating the very moment; celebrating the breeze, the sound of the rain drops falling, celebrating the nothingness of the moment.
The sheer happiness you feel at that very moment can never be exchanged with anything. No high scores, no trophies, no achievements can ever bring that joy to you. And you know whats the best part of this joy? The best part is when we ask ourselves the reason for this happiness and our heart tells us, “Hey little angel, it’s nothing!”. How beautiful it is to be happy for no reason at all.
I don’t have any idea of why am I writing this. I just felt like WRITING you know. And not writing in general, I wanted to write it so that it is read, read and understood and above all… felt. I always used to ask myself if ecstasy exists. I know the answer now; Yes, Oh yes, it does. You do not need to drink to be drunk. Am I babbling like a person who is drunk? May be I’m just tipsy. It’s getting me. You know the night, the grandeur, the beauty, the charisma? Yeah, that’s me Freeman. That’s me.




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