Life and Love

“A love-less life is better than a life-less love”

A little while back, my mind came up with this little phrase from nowhere. I pondered over what I just thought and realized how very true it is.

Couple of weeks back, a friend asked me why I am single. I had to keep my pen aside, role my sleeve up, place my bangs away from my eyes – before I could form a coherent answer. I needed time to phrase this in my head, to muster up the right words to express this feeling.

I told him, “I can’t settle for something less than awesome. I am adamant over my idea of love. If a mere look from him, can’t give me goosebumps, he’s not the one.”


May be I am asking for too much, but why shouldn’t I? Life has surprised me millions of times, in the most weirdest possible ways. Why not this time?

I am not ready to be in a relationship where my heart isn’t at peace, where it keeps telling me there is something missing. I refuse to be in a relationship where kissing and cuddling are just obligations. I refuse to sleep with him, if it means sex and not love making.

Why are we so afraid of being single? Is it some race, where we’ll be left behind, if we don’t run fast enough? I once told myself that you can never be happy in a relationship, if you cannot be happy being single. We need to keep ourselves happy before we find somebody to share the happiness with.

Don’t go around finding love. Be who you are, do what you are doing and remember to keep your doors open. Love will come to you – all by itself. It’ll embrace you in a peaceful slumber, and will cuddle with you when you wake up.

So here I am, a happy single, ready to take on the world. No, I’m not seeking love. I’m waiting for it to come to me at its convenience. Till then, I’m enough to keep myself happy.

Are you enough for yourself? Think!


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