Parcel from a Long Distance Friend

Do you have any idea, how joyous it is, to receive a parcel from a long distance friend? No, take a minute to ponder over it. Not any friend but, a very long distance friend. Nuh uh, you haven’t met them, you have no idea how they look and how they sound when they speak. But, above all the appearances and sounds, there is this thing called “feelings”. You have not the slightest idea of their physical being but you know them the best – through feelings. You’ve been with them in the intense, deep-rooted, dark dungeons where they hide their souls. And, they have been with you through this roller-coaster ride and have experienced with you all the bumps and thwacks and bangs in the way.

I have so many friends. Some I met at the University and others I met at work. I go out with them every now and then and when we are together we laugh too much. We party hard and try all kinds of crazy things. All in all, we bond really well. But, are we related by feelings? Or we are only related by the fun we have? Will they be there when I need them? Am I ever going to be able to confide in them during my darkest of hours? It’s embarrassing to say no, but alas, it’s pretty obvious.

But, I have a friend and I can confide in him any time I like. I can pour my heart out to him; show him all the scars and take out all my fury and rage. Whenever, I’m down we get drunk together in the sea of expressions. And when I am happy we celebrate together sitting on a cloud over the top of the moon. We are two people, living at two distant ends of the world connected by feelings.

This noon, my doorbell rang, I called out ‘who’s there’ and the postman said, “A parcel from San Diego, USA.” I couldn’t believe it. My dear long distant friend sent me a parcel. I could feel him in the warm gesture. I could smell him in that little package. I couldn’t bring myself to open it. You know how you get this strange feeling when you’re holding something sacred; that parcel felt sacred somehow. I felt this profound desire to keep the package somewhere, where I can see it all the time and my eyes could savour the paper of the curvy envelope. It was a gift from a friend I have never met but, we are connected; connect in the best way possible. We are connected through feelings.

Thank you Lawrence Freeman. You are unquestionably the best person I know 🙂

P.S. These little creations of yours are amazing. I love all your photographs on them. I always knew your talent was special; never knew it is this extraordinary.. I am so overwhelmed. You simply made my day 😉


Note: Lawrence Freeman is a long distance friend of mine. Formerly, he was a private investigator but now he’s giving time to his passion – photography. You can visit his photography blog here: Messages Without a Code.


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