Ugly and Proud

Today, I think I should do it – (deep breath) yeah.. So here it goes; iamsougly. Got that? No? Let me try again; “I am so ugly.” Hah! That feels good. “I am an extremely ugly, big fat, snouty cow.” Whoa! This is great. It feels like a burden is lifted off my shoulders.

Yep – popping the P – I called myself ugly. I decided to get over with this once and for all. Each day standing in front of the mirror, before going out, I tell myself, “It’s okay. May be tomorrow. You’ll look better tomorrow. It’s fine if you have no idea what to do with your hair. It’s fine if you’re not girly. And It’s fine if you look like shit. May be tomorrow’s your day.”

And no tomorrow proved itself to be MY DAY!

By the way, I was being a bit of a drama queen in the beginning. I am not absolutely ugly or a hopeless case. I am just me and this amazingly-non-girly me, has no idea how a girl ought to look. Nah, not that I want to know, but yeah, I am not girly. I have not got the faintest clue of how to curl my hair or straighten them. I love my baggy shirts and my cool jean pants. And I am obsessed with my sneakers. But, there are days, when I look at my properly dressed up girly female friends and realize how out of the box and out of order I look when I stand with them. I go back home and ask myself if there is anything wrong with me. Why am I not as pretty as them? I try to pull out looks and wear clothes that kinda make me look like them but no, I am never able to be them! I mean, I don’t look hot and sexy when I try these girly outfits. The next day comes and I am back to my baggy shirt and jean pants. I tell the mirror – may be tomorrow – and I’m off to work.

So, today I decided to get this one thing straight for once and for all. I can’t be girly. I am cool the way I am. I am the finest and the most classiest when I am being myself. What is better than being myself? I am what I am and I can change for none.

And who said I am ugly? I think I am beautiful; like everybody else, just in my own crazy way. So, yeah, if you call not being girly ‘ugly’ – I am ugly and I’m kinda proud of it.

Being the ugly ME is always better than being someone else what so ever : )



  1. A · December 4, 2014

    You ARE beautiful .. (and its true)


    • crazyhon · December 4, 2014

      Haha – we’re all beautiful in our own ways. Who are you btw?


  2. A · December 4, 2014

    ” .. in our own ways.”
    You write so beautifully babybird .. The inside of your mind must be a terrible place?


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