Set them free. Set them all free!

I believe in setting people free.

Set her free. So what if she’s a great friend and you’ve been friends for three years. She needs to go. Go and meet new people, explore the world, experience and observe anew. She deserves her taste of innovation. Set her free.

Set him free. So what if he’s your kid and you’ve spared all these years in his upbringing. He’s an adult now. Let him go. His share of world is waiting for him. Don’t tie up to him like a chain in his toes. Be his motivation. Set him free.

Set it free. So what if you nurtured it for years. Your bird does not like to be caged up anymore. It’s sick of the same old food you provide her everyday. Its wings are bored. They want to soar up high in the air and savor the feel of clouds around them. Set it free.

Set your love free. So what if you loved him like anything, gave up your career for him and sacrificed yourself to see him thrive. Your love needs to go. He does not want the goodnight kisses anymore; they’re usual and over-rated to him. He does not want to cuddle up now; it’s too hot today. He does not love you anymore and he can’t help it. Set your love free.

Have a grip little one. Stop groping them, they feel suffocated. Set them free. Set them all free. If they’re yours, if they’re meant to stay; they will. Don’t grab them, don’t beg them, Do not put yourself under them. Let them go. Keep the door open. Let whoever wants to leave, leave. You’re a beautiful soul, worthy of love and respect. Don’t let them put you down.

Don’t only set them free, set yourself free as well. Freed yourself from the bounding of this world. Do not ever sacrifice your career, your needs, your likes for them, if they are not ready to do the same for you. Give them if they are ready to give you in return. Love yourself before you love them. You deserve, at least, your own unconditional love.

Cheers baby! Smile now. This moment may never come back :’)



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