The World is Cruel

Do you know what the worst thing about heartbreak is? There’s no sound to it. Your heart shatters like a glass scattering into pieces but hell, there’s no sound to it. Just in a mere instant, you burst into a thousand tears of pain and agony and the world still goes about its business. How terribly cruel and brutal this earth is; while your being is strewn into unfathomably sore and throbbing screams, it keeps revolving around the sun as if nothing has happened. The sun shines, the birds fly, the snow falls, the animals live, the people breath – and you die; you die of this excruciating hurt that dwells deep inside of you.

Unattached attachments lead to an unbearable pang almost always.




  1. A · December 15, 2014

    Ah! That’s scary, heartbreaking and beautiful.


    • Crazy Hon · December 15, 2014

      It’s not only you in pain. We all have our separate battles.


      • A · December 15, 2014

        ‘separate battles’ ..

        No words can describe the loss ..


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