Misconceptions by the World Media about Peshawar Attack!

Talibans are the real valiant fighters. I mean it. It takes nothing but immense mythical bravery, a huge stained heart and the fakest chivalry to kill innocent kids. They sure are the most valiant and courageous criminals known to the world.

When I started this blog, I was very firm that I’m never going to write about current affairs and the depressing situations of the world but how am I ever going to answer my nagging conscience if I stayed quiet in a situation like this, even-though I have a podium to voice out my thoughts.

Peshawar Attack, for those who still do not know, calls to the bloody killing of 141 naïve school kids at The Army Public School on December 16th.


No, I’m not going to extend page-long prayers for those kids because what sins a 14-year-old could have committed? Presumably, none. This inhumane butchery of the juvenile youthful life of Peshawar is not only condemned by people in Pakistan but in the entire world. The most traditional rival of Pakistan – India, has also stretched out sympathy and solidarity with Pakistan in this hour of grief and Pakistan is extremely thankful to India for its support.

So this brutally brave act of killing school children was performed by none other than the highly esteemed (my foot) terrorists organization, Tehreek-e-Talibaan Pakistan. Where we observe, a huge part of the world demonstrating hate towards Taliban for carrying out this atrocious act, there is a noticeable proportion of people (media personnel, religious scholars, media channels, human right activists) still, in one way or the other, extending espousal to Taliban; some by covering their acts and others by justifying them. There’s a third party as well; they are neither covering nor justifying, they are taking up the responsibility of portraying what-so-fucking-ever they want by twisting and turning the incident in their own ways.

Some of the instances are:

  • CNN reported the children were killed for going to school
  • BBC reported that female casualties were not taken in by hospitals because of the gender disparity in Pakistan
  • News channels in UK reported that the children were killed by the Army officials and not the Taliban militants in a cross-fire attack.
  • The New York Times claims that there was a threat alert to the Army Public School already and the walls of the school were vulnerable. The vulnerability of the walls was an issue raised by some teachers but was overlooked by the army management.

Dear CNN, this little message from Mohammad Omer Khorasani (Spokesman of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) will resolve your query pretty well:

“We chose the kids of army school for attack because the army is targeting us in Zarb-e-Azb. We wanted them to feel the pain.”

The children were not targeted for going to school. They were targeted because their fathers and brothers were army soldiers who were giving their lives to save the country from these barbarians. They were killed because they belonged to families that are loyal to their country. STOP propagating against Pakistan in your own super pathetic ways. STOP helping these extremist barbarians achieve their goal by publicizing malicious crap against Pakistan.

Dear BBC, for your very kind information, there is no such gender disparity in Pakistan. The Taliban militants attacked the male section of the school. There were no female casualties. How were the hospitals supposed to take in female casualties when they weren’t attacked? Update your good-for-nothing stats!

Dear dear UK media, you are my favourite kind of stupid. I have nothing to say to you. You must be given special training to be this idiotic. You mean to say the army soldiers killed their own sons/brothers? Sure, if you say so. These pictures might tell you how the kids were dragged on the floors in the pool of blood. I’m sure their own fathers and brothers did that to them. Pardon my language but, SCREW YOU.


Dear NY Times, General Asim Bajwa has confirmed that there were no such threat alerts. There were no such imaginary teachers who pointed out the vulnerability of the walls. Just so you know, the terrorists climbed the rear wall of the school using a ladder. They had to cut the barbed wires to enter the school.

Please DO NOT help Taliban succeed in their tarnished motives by promoting these good-for-nothing ideas. DO NOT twist and turn the facts just for some ratings on the box. These are human lives we are talking about. Those kids were humans; breathing, living humans.

Taliban is and has always been involved in the most dreadful and disgusting acts of human massacre. Whether it be the airport attack, the hotel attack, the church attack, or the historic Qissa Khawani or storytellers’ market attack. You clear their names by posting news that is incorrect just for the sake of some spice. These kids won’t ever forgive you. They gave their lives in this battle we are fighting against talibans and all the other extremist terrorist groups.

Let me remind you dear world, it wasn’t Pakistan who started this War against Terrorism in 2003. Pakistan was nowhere there, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and extremist groups like Taliban and Al-Qaeda came into existence. Pakistan wasn’t responsible for the Twin Tower Attack in any way. This war was initiated by America against Iraq in which half a million Iraqi civilians died. Where was Pakistan involved in the entire game? Look at the broader picture and you may realize Russia and America were responsible for the entire warfare that started and who is facing the consequences? Countries like Pakistan. The two Veto Powers are living a safe standard life, posting what so ever they desire on their media and Pakistan is facing the music it never even played or requested for.

Show some respect. We are not asking you to help us fight these terror groups but at least do not paint a picture of Pakistan that’s not true. Do not make us look backward. We are the victims. Don’t make us look like the marauders. If you can’t write well about us, at least write what is true.

And for Talibans, I’m not afraid to say, they are those extremist bastards who have no hearts in their chests. Don’t call them the Pakistani Talibans. They are nation-less, country-less, face-less rascals and you are requested to not cover for them. Reveal their identities, bring their fall through this power of media you have.

I take the responsibility of whatever I say and write. I’m an anti-Taliban and I’m going to say that fearlessly out aloud. What can you Talibans do? Shoot me like you shot Malala? Shoot me. Shoot me now. You have guns and I have a pen. Use your gun as much as you want and I’m going to use my pen until my last breath.

A little message to Talibans after killing 141 Pakisatni children: “FUCK YOU” and I am not afraid to say that at all. Kill me now.



  1. maria nadim · December 20, 2014

    really liked it….simple & bold.


    • Crazy Hon · December 20, 2014

      Thanks Maria. I wish we could all start voicing out our thoughts now. (Only if they are true)


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