A mad man

I don’t have the right words to express what I feel after reading this. Absolutely thought-provoking. Love it.

a corner of my Heart...!

Tribute to the Quaid - I_thumb[7]

“You turned 138 today. But, gladly you still don’t seem to be aging”

“So, how do I look?”

“As always, debonair, father.”

“If it is a happy day, why the atmosphere is so melancholic? Is my country doing fine?”

“No, father. It is ill, very ill. I don’t know which dictionary or vocabulary or language I shall extract words from to tell you in what a tormenting state your beloved country is in. Can’t you read my face?”

“I certainly can. You look hollow, robbed and bruised.”

“Pakistan had its general elections last May.”

“That is a gratifying news, why you look so dreary then?”

“Because the story is half recounted. I look dreary and robbed because I am actually robbed. I am robbed father, of my only right; my vote.”

“Pakistan was formed to be ruled by the democratic regimes, hence the sanctity of vote is to be the…

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