Be Silly Be You!

Do you know what the most important thing in the world is? Have you ever stopped for a minute and pondered over the significant elements of life? To me, the most important thing in the world is to understand the spiritual importance of silliness.

Being silly is holy, being silly is sacred. Playing a prank on a fellow mate, dancing around like a madman in the veranda during rain, posing as the statue of liberty on the busy streets of Karachi, singing at the top of your lungs on deserted roads; all these things are silly. And silly is unfathomably divine.


My way of being silly; reading some Chinese Philosophy!

Don’t you feel like we need to broaden our horizons? Don’t you think you just want to dance your worries off in the middle of the street and don’t get judged for it? Sometimes, don’t you just want to carry a coffee thermos over your shoulders and offer free coffee to every random passersby?

What are we? I repeat, not who but, what are we? I remember a distant friend used to say, “We are all tiny stars in this huge galaxy. We play our parts and disappear in the vastness of this wild and endless depth.”

We are all going to die anyway, why not live each day to its fullest? Why not make the most of all that we have? Be divine. Be sacred. Be silly. Isn’t it amazing how a tiny human being has reached out to the space and touched the moon? I’m positive, the first time Neil talked of reaching to the moon, he was told he was being silly. Being silly made him touch the moon.

Baby, let your thoughts flow, let your imagination float. Go, grab the candy, go the world is yours. Be silly, be you!


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